AI and Cognition

On Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky has passed away from us last night. Nobody else in the 20th century has influenced our work and our way of looking at what makes us human like Marvin did.

A tale of two machines

How is it possible that we can be conscious of a universe that at the same time computes us? How can we observe the progression of a universe that we are part of?

Jaron Lanier pisses me off

Jaron Lanier dismisses the prospect of human-like AI. This could be interesting if he did not do it on faulty technical premises and ridiculous cultural arguments; Lanier is intellectually fraudulent.

Old Wire Frame AI

On the fourth day, we dug up the old wire machine. Y had discovered it first: A stunning and brilliantly constructed, entirely mechanical computer…

Some vague ideas on building a secure email service

A secure email service should not only encrypt messages end-to-end, but also meta-data. It should work without disclosing senders and recipients to third parties, and work asynchronously. Here is a possible solution.

Another Perversion of Human Thought Processes

My first word was… GOTO. At least as far as programming languages are concerned. It turns out that GOTO captures a fundemental thing about how our computers work, and how our minds don’t work.

Don’t Care about Meaning

Here’s a short email exchange with Caryn, on the common mix-up of meaning and relevance, kept for myself and posteriority.