Machine Dreams - Dreaming Machines

Artificial Intelligence provides a conceptual framework to understand mind and universe in new ways, clearing the obstacles that hindered the progress of philosophy and psychology. Let us see how AI can help us to understand how our minds create the experience of a universe.

From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness

The question: “Who are we?”: — How does our mind work, and how does it relate to the universe? —  is the most fascinating riddle we humans can ask ourselves. I believe that the field of Artificial Intelligence can give us unique answers.

Computational Meta-Psychology

Computational theories of the mind seem to be ideally suited to explain rationality. But how can computations be subverted by meaning, emotion and love?

How to build a Mind: Artificial Intelligence Reloaded

A foray into the present, future and ideas of Artificial Intelligence. Are we going to build (beyond) human-level artificial intelligence one day? Very likely. When? Nobody knows, because the specs are not fully done yet. But let me give you some of those we already know, just to get you started.