From today’s meditation, at the beginning of an extensive planning session

(with my beloved friend, D)

(Fig 1.: mental state at the beginning of the session)

If you want to, open your hands to the sky, to open yourself for reception. Or turn your palms down, to ground yourself. Since you choose to open one upwards and one downwards, open the left one: that is the receptive side; the right one represents the giving principle.

Take three very deep, slow breaths. Feel how your belly expands. Reflect how you feel. Sense locations and sources of anxiety, confusion, imbalance. Breathe. Open yourself. Let your mind settle.Feel how your feet root yourself in the concrete of the building, and deep, down into the earth. Sense the stability of your position, the ease of your breath. Your thoughts are flowing without effort. Your gut is in balance, processing data. The neurons of your brain are synching up smoothly, your mind is alert and aware, capable and comprehensive.

Open the gate at the top of your head. Slowly, let your mind expand. Let if fill the room. Sense yourself become one with the room. Silently, observe what is in and around you. Feel the focus and meaning of your place of work.

Expand your mind to enclose the building, and the people in it. Sense what is going on, around you, below your feet. Become aware of interactions, conversations, people moving around, thoughts being thought, breaths being taken, …

Now expand to enclose the city you live in. The buildings, the streets, cars, constructions, places of work and living. The multitude of life going on. Feel its strength, its richness. Feel how you are part of it, connected to it, effortlessly.

Focus on the people you love. See what they are doing. Be aware of their connections to you, their love to you, how their lives are tied into yours. Sense your own love, and gentleness. Feel how your own life contributes to theirs, how your thoughts connect to others.

Become aware of your breath again, of your body, your posture. Keep your eyes closed, but take deep breaths, and stretch in your seat. Touch and stroke your shoulders, your face, your arms, your legs, your face again (laughter). How do you feel different than before? What thoughts and reflections occurred during the different stages?

(Fig. 2: Mental state towards the end of the planning session)